I’m looking for agents!

Hello. I’m on a quest to find a greeting card agent for London, and another for the south east (or particular counties), and so I am going to be posting a number of ads each highlighting 2 x designs taken from my 2021 catalogue. Please get in touch if you’re interested or may know of a likely person, thanks.

Looking for agents

At the beginning of 2021 – while in lockdown – I was fortunate to source 3 x agents dotted about the UK who liked my designs and were happy to test the water once restrictions were lifted. Regrettably once shops reopened it became clear that the all-too familiar story was even more present: retailers are cautious to take on new publishers and want to stay safe in the knowledge that the tried and tested cards they stock will continue to sell. So, those newly acquired agents are no more… For any potential outlets there was – and still is – old stock being unearthed to display from before the very first lockdown in 2020! I’m grateful though to the few retailers who are happy to take a punt on my original designs, but I still need agents: The life blood of the greetings card industry! (Again, my fingers are crossed). x

Thinking of You Dad!

The clock is still ticking down on Father’s Day so here before the big day are more alternative takes on cards for the occasion. Enjoy!

Another embarrassing Dad? (Mood Swings range)

Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is just round the corner, so here over the next few days are some original offerings from Stationery Traffic!

one of the designs taken from the TELEGRAMS range

2021, a new year and new push! Snap shot #1 of 3 posts

The 2021 Stationery Traffic catalogues have arrived: 18 x unique greeting card ranges covering ‘everyday occasions’ many mixing nostalgia and humour in a vintage style, along with typography, collage, photography and illustration. Above are ‘Kitsch Collector’, C20th Colour’ (revisited), and the evergreen ‘Playtime’. (Please see further posts).


I know it’s not right, but I’d like to celebrate #WorldWildlifeDay in some form today, and this is the only way I can as these are the only ‘animal’ cards that I have to offer… Despite these daft designs, Wild Life and their disappearing habitats is a subject that is VERY close to my heart. To all the excellent conservation charities around the world fighting daily for the welfare of the threatened flora and fauna, I salute you!

Our Born to be Wild card range (so far…)